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Name : Newcastle Permanent
Website : http://

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Name : Wiseberry, Lake Munmorah
Phone : 0403 940 309
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Wiseberry Lake Munmorah - our Gold sponsor

The Wiseberry Heritage Group sell and lease real estate and help families move, in striving to perform our duties beyond all expectations we create long lasting friendships and a greater prosperity for our families. 

  • 7 Offices covering the middle and northern suburbs of the Central Coast
  • 1 Principal ensuring you receive the same level of care, commitment and quality service across the board
  • 35+ Sales agents trained to sell your home and show you the finest real estate in the area to purchase
  • 20+ Property managers to provide our landlords and tenants the quality support and standards
  • 18+ Administration and marketing staff to enhance your experience and exposure of your property
  • Awarded Australia's Best Real Estate at the Australian Small Business Champions 2017
  • Sales Offices are open 7 days a week 8am-6pm 
  • Rental Offices are open Monday to Sat 9am-5pm

We encourage all our members to support Wiseberry Lake Munmorah by contacting Kim Burke, principal of Lake Munmorah

Visit the Gwandalan Bowling Club Website
Name : Gwandalan Bowling Club
Phone : 4976 1204
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Desc. Gwandalan Bowling Club is situated on the lower end of Lake Macquarie. In May 2013, the Club recently funded an additional 2 lightweight Kracka rescue boards to Catho SLSC to retire existing two, and we are greatful for their continued support.

Visit the Doyalson-Wyee RSL Website
Name : Doyalson-Wyee RSL
Phone : 02 4390 0622
Website :

This 2013-14 Season, the Doylo helped the Club with the CDSE support funding of $13,750 fully funding the IRB Rigid Hull replacement project.

This funding has ensured the Can meet the requirements of fully operational IRB Patrol Requirements while meeting the patrolling members requirements for stable watercraft in testing conditions.

Their continued support is greatfully appreciated. Doylo are a consistent and valued partner to Catho SLSC need for equipment requirements

Visit the Swansea RSL  Website
Name : Swansea RSL
Phone : 4971 1329
Email :
Website :

Swansea RSL & Catho Bowlo has contributed funding for the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) patrolling operation expenses for the 2013-14 season through the Lake Macquarie Club grant scheme. The Club thanks Kiel & Dianne for their help with the grant.

Visit the Newcastle Permanent Website Visit the Wiseberry, Lake Munmorah Website Visit the Gwandalan Bowling Club Website Visit the Doyalson-Wyee RSL Website

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