Social Media Policy

Catherine Hill Bay Surf Club adopted the Surf Lifesaving Australia
Policy on Social Media in April this year.  Club members are advised to
read the policy as posted on our website.

The main elements of the policy are members using social media:
  • Must not contain, or link to, libellous, defamatory or harassing
    content.This also applies to the use of illustrations or nicknames;
  • Must not comment on, or publish, information that is confidential
    or in any way sensitive to SLSA, its affiliates, partners or sponsors; and
  • Must not bring the organisation or surf lifesaving into disrepute"

If you have any question about this policy please contact Craig McPeak on 0434 647 748

Social Media Policy
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Corona Virus (Covid-19) Update


You would be recieving a lot of information around Corona Virus (Covid-19) from the media, your work and schools. We all play a role in ensuring we limit the spread of this virus and protect those members of our community that are most vulnerable.

The way we do this is by following advice, applying common sense and supprting each other.

At Catherine Hill Bay Surf Club our member saftey is of upmost importance and we willl continue to put in appropriate measures based on the latest advice we receive.

So if you fall into any of the beloow categories please speak with your patrol captain;

Have been overseas in the last 2 weeks

Have been exposed to someone with the Corona Virus ( Covid - 19 )

Have underlying health issues that will increase your risk on contracting the disease

In the meantime follow advice given regarding social distancing, if training consider making changes to training that allows for social distancing, practice good personal hygeine.

If you have any concerns speak with your patrol captain or one of the executive.

Click Here to view the attachment.

            Updated Fri Mar 20 09:05:04 2020

Patrol Roster 2019/2020 Season


Please see 2019/2020 Patrol Roster. Please make sure you check your Patrol number as some have changed from last season.

Click Here to view the attachment.

            Added Fri Oct 4 07:11:07 2019

Clubhouse Restrictions due to Covid 19


To all Members, 

Please note that there is a new directive whereby effective immediately, the use of the Catherine Hill Bay Surfclub is strictly only for rostered Patrol activity until further notice.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 situation, only essential activity in support of the newly revised patrol process is able to utilise the clubhouse facilities. The limited use of the Clubhouse for Patrol is also governed by new processes that the Patrol Captains are aware of.

Effectively there is no access to members, nor the public to the office, gym, kiosk, bar area or common areas.

Thank you for your support during these times as we all work together to minimise the spread of the virus into our community.

Keep safe and 1.5m apart!


Mitch and Shane (Club Captain(s))

            Added Tue Mar 24 19:54:51 2020

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